Pond and Lake Design

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Applied Aquatics, Inc. can help you from the very start in your new pond or lake project. We offer assistance layout, design, and permitting.
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Siphon System

Ponds built in Georgia in the mid 1900's were constructed with conventional drain systems made of corrugated steel.
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The addition of lime increases fish production in soft (low total hardness) waters. Lime has several desirable effects on water quality.
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Applied Aquatics, Inc.

Lakeplant1Spring has arrived, with water temperatures quickly on the rise. Not only will the succession of spawns continue as the water warms incrementally, aquatic vegetation will begin to grow at the same rate — if not faster. Depending on the water clarity, available nutrients and water depth, different types of aquatic vegetation will flourish in southern ponds from the surface to the bottom. Vegetation should be monitored and controlled when needed.

Aquatic vegetation can be viewed from two opposing viewpoints. On a positive note, aquatic weeds throughout all depths provide cover, hosts for aquatic invertebrates and habitat for sunfish and bass. But unfortunately, certain species of aquatic plants will proliferate over-powering the positive attributes. Ponds weeds must be monitored to determine which types of weeds should be controlled.

Before introducing chemical herbicides or biological treatments, nuisance weeds should be identified. Applied Aquatics, Inc. can identify nuisance weeds to pond owners determine the appropriate herbicide and application rate. While some aquatic herbicides are selective, most will control a variety of species varieties.

With summer conditions arriving, southern ponds with aquatic weed problems will grow out of control in a hurry. Pond owners should control their nuisance aquatic weeds beginning in May before the weeds proliferate out of control. Aquatic vegetation nuisances can lead to poor access, poor fish habitats, and extensive fish kills.

Applied Aquatics, Inc. is here to help.

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Pond Fertilization

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Proper fertilization and liming can increase three to four times the pounds of fish a pond will support.
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Dock Construction

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Applied Aquatics, Inc. designs and builds docks and boathouses for private and community ponds and lakes.
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Fish Stocking

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Applied Aquatics, Inc. supplies lake owners with most any species of fish that pond owners may need.
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Electroshock Analysis

Electro-fishing is a common scientific survey method used to sample fish populations to determine abundance, density, and species composition.
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Aquatic Equipment

Applied Aquatics is an authorized dealer for Texas Hunter Fish Feeders. We can also deliver and set up feeders.
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Vegetation Control

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Pond aesthetics and recreational activities such as fishing, boating or swimming can be significantly impacted if undesirable aquatic vegetation is present.
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