Redear Sunfish

(Lepomis microlophus)

Also known as bream, they occupy a different ecological niche than bluegill, improving the utilization of the ponds natural productivity. Redear Sunfish eat snails along with other invertebrates present in the pond and can help to reduce the incidence of some fish parasites (i.e., grubs, flatworms) that use a snail as a intermediate host.

Similar to other bream species, Redear Sunfish are a favorite prey fish for bass. They can grow larger than bluegill, but they are not as prolific, since they reproduce only once per year. Redear sunfish can usually be distinguished from bluegill by the presence of a red or orange ear tab.

  • Recommended stocking rate is 200 per acre.
  • We also offer a bluegill/redear mixture that works well in Georgia ponds.
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